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The person behind

Joel is a Techno DJ from Barcelona, based in Berlin again since 2019. He grew up in Spain where, in his early days, he discovered his passion for music, which started with listening to indie and britpop in clubs and then lead him to study Music theory in the University of Barcelona. Afterwards, he moved to Berlin for almost 10 years, where he soaked in the electronic music scene.
In 2014, he moved to Barcelona and Buenos Aires for 2 years each city, where he has been developing his sound with a strong taste focused on acid melodies and specific harmonies. One of his main projects, “Deconstructed Techno”, a very specific way to play Techno and event, showcase Joel’s personality and style while serving as a reminiscence of his musical baggage. Being an eclectic artist, Joel loves powerful drums, from 129bpm till hard techno, bright percussions, deep basslines and sustained notes — always seeking the best sounds, his personal style makes it easy to connect with the crowd, creating an emotional music experience that last.

Back to Berlin since 2019, with more inspiration and energy than ever, he focused on developing his own sound signature and collabing in different projects.

What I say

I like techno, I love techno, but not all techno.
I like bpms, 130, 140, 150… 160? Why not.
The kick, oh, the kick… love it when full of distortion, or delays, or when they are made from thunders or canyons…
I love when the melodies are acid, or when the harmonics go inside you until you feel them in a special way… that’s when techno therapy starts…
The bass, impossible to tell you which one, because it’s not about what, it’s about how it goes…

Not your regular dj or producer… I started late, very late with techno, at least consciously. Techno, synths, drum machines, dj, live performances, collabs… all


You want me to play live or dj? You want to collab or a remix from me? Or maybe just make a comment how awesome I play or how bad I made a transition?

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